Monday, August 30, 2010

Catching up

I never intended to get behind more than two years on my postings. What I'd like to do this year is keep up, and at the same time catch up with my past Dharma School lessons. Since I've last posted, the folks at my Zen Center decided to change the name of the Children's programming to Dharmagarden, but it's still Dharma school for kids.

I intended to complete a full cycle of our themes with the group of grade school girls, but this past year I was asked to teach the 5 year olds. I was needed there. More on that later. When I catch up on those lessons, if I am reminded of ideas I would have used with the girls, I will mention them. I was gratified that several times during the year, girls visited me to show off their art/craft projects and to give me hugs.

To keep the timeline understandable, I'll set the time stamp of the posts to the date that I gave the lesson.

I've also been writing the column on the Dharmagarden for our newsletter for two years. Since it doesn't appear that this is archived at the DRZC website, I will also post those past columns here. Strike is archived in the Stillpoint archives, but it's a convoluted process getting to all of them. I'll still post them here.

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