Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bodhisattvas: Review

One of the other Dharma School teachers inspired me with his idea of teaching the Bodhisattvas as Superheroes.  Of course!  After all the ceremonies, the number of actual lessons is small, even so I wanted to do several reviews for my group, as a year was a long time for them.  First I wanted to review just what this thing was we'd been learning about, and then I'd review with reminders of all the previous lessons.  Superheroes was the perfect template for this.

Rickie and HenriI made sure we sang the song This Little Light of Mine.  This is a great song to exemplify the actions of a Bodhisattva.  It's all about letting my light shine so I can better help others.  (The version we sing is secular.) After reviewing the superpowers of the Bodhisattvas, I used Jane Goodall's Rickie and Henri to have the kids help me find those superpowers being used in the story.  Loving action, kindness, compassion, generosity, wisdom, protectiveness, all could be found here.  Love between animals is always a hit with five year olds.

For a craft activity, we used sharpies to color people-shaped wood craft sticks. The kids made self-portraits, themselves as Bodhisattva Superheroes.  For clothes, we used various colors of pipe cleaners.

For the final review lesson (April 25) I returned with the books I'd used, reviewed the Bodhisattvas, and determined what the kids would like to do for the skit.  It was a very quickly paced lesson.